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Artificial Respiration
Cancer (The 7 danger signals)
Child Immunisation Chart
Color Blindness
Dictionary of Holistic Terms
Electric Shock
Eye Troubles
Growth & Development
History of Cataract Surgery
Ishihara Test for Color Blindness
Swine Flu (H1N1)

Birth BCG Vaccine
Oral Polio Vaccine - 1st dose
Hepatitis B Vaccine - 1st dose
6 weeks DPT - 1st dose
Oral Polio Vaccine - 2nd dose
Hib Vaccine
Hepatitis B Vaccine - 2nd dose
10 weeks DPT - 2nd dose
Hib Vaccine
Oral Polio Vaccine - 3rd dose
14 weeks DPT - 3rd dose
Hib Vaccine
Oral Polio Vaccine - 4th dose
9 months Measles Vaccine
1 year Chickenpox Vaccine
15 months MMR
18 months DPT - 1st booster dose
Oral Polio Vaccine - 5th dose
Hib Vaccine booster dose
2 years Typhoid Vaccine - 1st dose
Hepatitis A Vaccine - 1st dose
30 months Hepatitis A Vaccine - 2nd dose
5 years Typhoid Vaccine - 2nd dose
DPT - 2nd booster dose
Oral Polio Vaccine - 6th dose
10 Years TT (Tetanus) - booster dose
16 years TT (Tetanus) - booster dose
Rubella Vaccine for Girls

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