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1. What is the Benefit for Doctors?

Doctors get their own URL at www.jamshedpurdoctors.com, like www.jamshedpurdoctors.com/yourname.html, they get useful information in the form of news, conferences, seminars, and links to other medical resources on internet. They can publish their research articles, papers, paper presentations etc.

2. What is the benefit for Pharmacy Industry, Medical Industry, Surgical Industry and other related industry?

All the above get a platform to boost their sales, get useful information for their products, get links and other resources, they get connected to doctors and customers across the globe.

3. What benefits does a student get?

Students get related links and resources for their higher studies, access to student forum to put their queries directly to the senior medical professionals. They can also take part in the activities promoted only for the students to work with www.jamshedpurdoctors.com for the Live projects on Internet Journalism.

4. How the website is useful for a General User?

General users can avail all the information of Doctors, Access to Blood Bank Database, Get useful Health Tips and others.

5. Is the website paid or free?

Itís Freely accessible to everyone.

6. How Doctors can Subscribe to www.jamshedpurdoctors.com?

A Doctor or a medical professional can be a subscriber by paying a nominal fee. For details and subscription forms mail us at jamshedpurdoctors@yahoo.com

7. I have my own website. How can I link it?

You can use our Banner Advertisement for details. Mail us @ jamshedpurdoctors@yahoo.com for more details.

8. Tell me about your banner rates?

Please browse our "Advertise with us" section for details.

9. What are your website contents?

The website contains medical and health related information, News from the medical and health science and technology, Information about Pharmaceutical Industries and their products, Blood Bank database, Articles and health tips, various listings related to health Science and Medical.

10. How I can contact you?

Mail us at jamshedpurdoctors@yahoo.com

11. How I can pay the Subscription Fees and Payments related?

You can pay in Cheque / DD. For more information, mail us at jamshedpurdoctors@yahoo.com or click here.

12. Who will see the information?

Anyone who is an Internet User.

13. What if I couldn't access my page?

You can contact the webmaster at jamshedpurdoctors@yahoo.com. Your problem will be assessed and will be solved accordingly.

14. What if anyone misuses my information?

The information supplied and published on the website is solely liable to the subscriber. He accepts the Terms and Conditions and the Disclaimer Policy by www.jamshedpurdoctors.com, No claim can be made at the company whatsoever.

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